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July 24

Your Skincare Solution for Redness and Enlarged Pores

Aerolase is a special kind of laser system operates to help treat redness and large pores on the skin in a gentle way.

The laser uses a safe and gentle light that is attracted to the redness in your skin and the water in your skin cells. When the laser light touches your skin, it targets the redness caused by blood vessels and gently heats them up, making them shrink without hurting your skin. This helps to reduce the redness you might have from these conditions.

The same laser also goes a bit deeper into your skin and encourages the production of collagen, a natural protein that helps make your skin more elastic and can make large pores look smaller. The best part is that it doesn’t harm the top layer of your skin, so you won’t need a lot of downtime to recover after the treatment.

Aerolase treatments are typically performed by qualified skilled skin care professionals. Before undergoing any laser treatment, a consultation with a trained professional is essential to determine if Aerolase is the right option for your particular skin concerns and skin type.

Book your free consultation today and discover the difference at Laseryou Aesthetics Clinic.


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