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March 11

Why the Soprano Titanium Laser is one of the best laser hair removal machines!

What’s the difference between laser hair removal machines?

If you’re thinking about using laser hair removal then you have probably done some research and already know that not all laser machines are created equal. You want to experience the very best results, in the shortest period of time, experience minimal pain and pay a fair price for each session.

There is a huge variety of laser machines to choose from. At LaserYou we chose from the very best machines available and finally settled on the Soprano Titanium with integrated cooling. This laser machine is used by many top London clinics and the results are excellent.

What’s the deal with all the different wavelengths?

Wavelengths, as they apply to laser hair removal, refer to the range of invisible light beams used as part of a process known as selective photothermolysis. With this specific type of light usage, the right combination of wavelength and pulse duration can be applied for desired effects with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. Depending on patient factors such as skin tone and hair colour, experts will use specific wavelengths from three options: Alexandrite which works best for lighter skin and fine hair treatments; Diode which is suitable for most skin types; and ND:YAG is often used on darker skin and hair.

The correct choice of wavelength has a huge role in achieving successful results in laser hair removal. Hair follicles absorb the energy from certain wavelengths to cause permanent destruction or an effective decrease in growth without damage to surrounding tissues. With advances in technology, precision instruments have been developed that allow flexibility when manipulating parameters like intensity and fluency, allowing practitioners greater control of the effectiveness outcome during treatment.

Which wavelengths does the Soprano Titanium use?

The Soprano Titanium, uses three different wavelengths of light, Alexandrite, ND-YAG plus Diode. It is great for the removal of all types of hair from fine to coarse and different skin colours and skin types.

Are there different treatment techniques?

There are two main treatment techniques:

Single Shots – laser energy is delivered one shot at a time, where the laser is directed onto a small area before moving it to an adjacent area.

 Super Hair Removal (SHR) – the hand piece applicator is moved over an area of skin while pulsing 10 times per second at a lower temperature yet accumulating more energy and heat. The Soprano Titanium is known for its larger treatment heads in comparison to other SHR machines and offers a more comprehensive solution for hair removal.

Apart from these primary methods, there are other secondary approaches used alongside laser treatment such as cooling agents or topical creams that aid in reducing irritation or inflammation from laser usage.


There is a low level of discomfort experienced during Soprano Titanium laser sessions. This will vary from person to person. Soprano has the two modes, SHR and In Motion technology. In Motion uses a cool ice tip making the treatment very comfortable.

What are the results like?

The experience of the laser therapist will have the biggest impact on your results. So do your research and look for a clinic that has consistently good reviews. Visit your clinic of choice and make sure you are happy with the therapist who will be treating you and that they answer all your questions in a knowledgable and professional manner.

Read the reviews and take note of what they are saying. Are there plenty of reviews about a client’s experience with specific treatments and the staff who work at the clinic? Watch out for red flags! Are all the reviews very general and non-specific? Are there are a large number of reviews received in a very short period of time? These may be fake paid for reviews.

Experienced Therapists

At LaserYou our expert therapists constantly strive to make sure their skills and techniques ensure superb results for clients no matter what their hair type or skin colour.

We use the Soprano Titanium to ensure fast treatments and maximum comfort. Our own reviews will help you to set the standard you should look for when deciding which clinic to use.

And if you are interested in discussing your treatment aims with us, you can book your FREE initial consultation and patch test so you can experience what our laser feels like and how it performs.


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