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September 10

Why it is important to care for your tattoo after laser Tattoo Removal

We frequently are asked if laser tattoo removal can cause scarring. This in part can be answered in relation to after-care. It is essential that after-care instructions are followed in order to minimise any post treatment concerns.

Following your treatment at LaserYou with the PicoSure laser, we ensure to apply a barrier cream and a clinical dressing. This must remain on the skin for 24 hours.

One of the main reasons we apply a dressing is to minimise any post treatment infections. The area would’ve been treated with the laser and can be safe quite sensitive. Minute pores may even be open which can make you susceptible to infection whether it’s from your pet licking the area or from an accidental knock to the skin.

It is therefore extremely important we do not send you home after treatment without any protection from the elements. In some cases we will also offer you ice packs in order to minimise the discomfort. What you mainly need to do is keep the area calm and covered and minimise any interference for at least 24 hours. After that time you may remove that dressing .


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