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August 21

Whats the best laser for Asian/ Indian Skin?

Most lasers have just 1 wavelength so they are best for one particular skin type / colour. Alexandrite 755nm is best for Caucasian skin (white). The 1064 is best for dark skin. The 810 was considered to be the half way mark so a safe laser for all skin types. However the 810 has its limitations especially on darker skin types. The only wavelength best suited to dark skin is a 1064nm. Fact. Many clinics will only have 1 laser due to cost. So it comes down to the skill of the therapist, but of course they are limited by the technology of their laser.

Why is the ND Yag best for dark skin:

The Nd:YAG has been FDA-approved for all skin types. It works at a much higher wavelength than other hair removal lasers (usually 1064nm) which allows it to bypass the epidermis and aim straight for the follicle.

This basically means that no matter the colour of the skin, the laser will not be attracted to the melanin in the skin, but to that of the follicle, at a deeper level. This makes the Nd:YAG the best laser option for Indian skin, no matter the tone.

With earlier lasers the highly potential dangers of use and side effects on darker skin tones included the following: hypo-pigmentation (patches of lighter skin), hyperpigmentation (darker patches of skin), burns of different degrees, scars and infections.

Enter the Soprano Titanium- the laser which developed over decades to provide the best solution for all skin colours – 3 wavelengths in 1. The importance of having 3 wavelengths is that you can deliver the optimum energy for any skin type.

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