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July 24

What are the alternatives to Laser Tattoo Removal?

When a tattoo is done, it is with the intention of being permanent, not with the thought of later removing it. Therefore there are very few safe options for tattoo removal. At LaserYou we have heard of creams being offered to remove tattoos. However this is certainly not a safe option. If the creams are designed to fade or bleach the tattoo they are likely to contain a chemical ingredient which may well burn the skin. For this reason many products for example skin whitening creams are banned or restricted for sale in Europe.

Alternatively you may decide to do what Mel B of the Spice Girls did due to her urgency to simply erase her tattoo – surgical removal! Again this is not an option we would recommend – if only for the obvious reason that you would be removing a part of your flesh.  So this leaves you with the only viable option of laser tattoo removal. It’s not biased that we suggest this treatment but we simply wouldn’t recommend the alternatives for the reasons above. Your first point of call is to have a consultation with a reputable clinic who is using a reputable machine. If you cannot make contact with the manufacturer of the laser machine, ask yourself the question how can I trust the treatment?

We use the PicoSure which is manufactured by Cynosure. It has FDA approval which is very important in terms of safety. Our machine has been sourced directly from the manufacturer and is serviced on a regular basis to ensure it performs to its optimum. In addition, our technicians are trained, insured and experienced at laser tattoo removal.

Having said that, as with any treatment laser tattoo removal isn’t for everyone. You may be a rare case who suffers an allergic reaction, or you simply may not want to go through the process of tattoo removal.

You have the choice to remove your tattoo and you also have the choice to choose the best or safest option for that treatment. Research and choose well.


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