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June 17

Unsightly Skintag / Mole Removal Without Surgery or Downtime

Moles and skintags can be a significant concern for many individuals, affecting their self-confidence and overall well-being. Traditional methods for removing these imperfections often involve invasive procedures, lengthy recovery times, and a risk of scarring.

The Plasma Pen operates by ionizing atmospheric gas to create a small electrical arc, similar to a tiny lightning bolt. When this arc touches the skin, it heats the targeted area, causing the skin tissue to vaporize and coagulate. This process effectively removes unwanted moles and skin tags without damaging the surrounding skin. The treatment is relatively painless and does not require anesthesia.


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We specialise in PicoSure laser tattoo removal, Soprano Titanium ICE multi-wave length laser hair removal, Plasma Pen skin rejuvenation and advanced skincare treatments. Located in Burnham, Slough near Windsor, Maidenhead & Heathrow Airport.