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February 17

The Importance of Keeping up with your Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Recently a client asked whether she needed to come in for her second hair removal session as she had seen excellent results with just the first treatment of the Soprano Titanium laser. It should be noted that laser hair removal is a process and the more accurate term is in fact permanent hair removal reduction.

Essentially it is only the active growing hairs which are targeted at any laser appointment. This means that dormant hairs are not treated and would need to be treated at a later stage normally between four and six weeks apart. This means that some clients a few days after an appointment may notice hair growing back or no hair growing back which can cause confusion to them.

Hair growth is normal after a laser hair removal appointment – it may look like the hair is growing back quickly however this is completely normal. Sometimes when the hairs grow back it can mean the hair wasn’t in the active hair growth cycle which is what we treat in hair removal. It makes sense when you come in for hair removal that you would expect the hairs to not grow back, but it is more likely they the hairs will fall out over the coming weeks and that you will see less regrowth throughout the treatment process. This is normal.

With laser, we are working deep within the follicles and we cannot always see on the surface what may be happening underneath the skin. Just keep up your laser hair removal session as advised by the therapist for best results (This is initially normally every 4 weeks for face and every 6 weeks for body. The frequency may reduce as the hair growth is reduced).


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