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October 10

Tattoo Removal options and Prices


There are so many people in the world wearing tattoos today. There are also millions who really regret their decision to get one. These dissatisfied people have many options to choose from when deciding on a tattoo removing method.

They can choose Laser Tattoo Removal
They can choose a Tattoo Removal Cream
They can choose TCA Tattoo Removing Peels
They can choose Dermabrasion
They can choose Reverse Tattooing
They can choose Surgical Excision
They can choose Salabrasion
They can choose Intense Pulsed Light Therapy
They can choose Concealment

Laser Tattoo Removal

The cost of laser removal will range quite a bit depending upon where you have it done. It should only be done by a licensed doctor.

The cost can fluctuate between £50 and £300 per session. Multiple visits are usually required. The number of sessions will depend on the the size of the tattoo, types of lasers, colour of the ink, the amount of ink, and the particular doctor who is doing the procedure. Pico Lasers are currently the most advanced lasers for tattoo removal. Always choose a reputable clinic.

Tattoo Removal Cream

There are only a few companies out there who sell tattoo removal creams. Remember that like laser tattoo removal, the cream will actually gradually fade the tattoo. The size, amount of ink, colour, and depth, are factors that will influence the length of treatment. Here are some costs for common tattoo removing creams.

Tattoo Off Kit
Tat B Gone
Wrecking Balm
Dermasal Tattoo Removal Kit

The same cost factors apply to TCA tattoo remove products as Laser, and Tattoo Removal Cream.

Perfect Image Solutions


It’s has been quite hard to find the price of this option but research shows a cost of around £ 1000 to £ 5000 depending on the above outlined factors.

Reverse Tattooing

You should plan on spending as much as you spend in having the tattoo applied in the first place. The same equipment that the tattoo was applied with is used for the tattoo removal. The technician doing the removal will spend the same amount of time that it took to apply the tattoo so you will pay a proportional amount of money. Like the methods listed above, several sessions are required to complete the process.

Surgical Excision

This is the most expensive method. It must be performed by a licensed medical doctor. It is an elective procedure and insurance companies won’t pay for it. The cost will depend on a number of variables. The doctors cost, price of anesthetic, tattoo size, antibiotics, pain meds, and follow up check ups will all contribute to the cost of this method.


This is an uncommon way to remove tattoos and there isn’t much information out there about what it will cost.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

You can expect to fork out from £ 250 . If you choose this option. It takes between four and six treatment sessions and patients can get a treatment every 30 days.


This is not tattoo removal but rather tattoo hiding. Never the less, it might be the right option for you if you just want to cover the tattoo for a bit.

TatJacket is a sleeve that is worn over tattooed arms

Tattoo Camo

Anyone considering tattoo removal should talk to their doctor before making any decisions.

This article has been written by a guest blogger for LaserYou, Burnham.


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