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July 9

Safety and Laser Treatment

Safety in Laser Treatment is so important.

 A new client expressed surprise when we asked her to wear safety goggles while undergoing laser treatment for tattoo removal. She explained that at her previous clinic she was only offered a blindfold to cover her eyes while the laser was being used! This is probably one of the more shocking stories we have heard. A laser machine is a high-tech, high powered piece of equipment which needs to be taken seriously and professionally. The direct beam and reflections from the laser can cause serious damage to the retina of the unprotected eye. Damage to the eye can occur from exposure to laser which could cause retinal burns and impair the vision.

Protective eyewear must supplied by the clinic and used by everyone in the laser room. For this reason we have strict rules at LaserYou. We do not allow children into the lasering while the laser is being operated. In addition everyone in the later room has to wear safety goggles while the laser is in operation.

It is not enough to simply wear UV sunglasses. The laser goggles must be must be compliant with the laser machine and CE marked in order to provide protection against accidental exposure to the Laser. At LaserYou, our safety goggles are supplied by the manufacturer and fully safety compliant for use.
Always check if your clinic / laser technician are safety compliant. Ask them if they provide safety goggles which are compliant with laser machine for laser tattoo removal.


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