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May 10

Ways to Remove Cheek Hair in Men

Ways to Remove Cheek Hair in Men

If you find yourself frustrated by excess facial hair, then you are not alone. It is estimated that a man will shave around 20,000 times in his lifetime. Furthermore, facial hair seems to grow in unusual places in some men, like the cheek area. Most men (and equally women) may find this quite unattractive, thus the quest for the most efficient way to remove facial cheek hair.

We offer men’s hair removal using our state-of-the-art Soprano Titanium laser system.

What are the ways to remove cheek hair in men?

The most common way is to use a razor. This requires very minimal preparation and equipment, needing only a sharp razor with or without using shaving cream. The razor cuts the hair above the skin’s surface. However, the hair grows back extremely quickly, with most men feeling stubble within a few days after shaving. Other problems associated with regular shaving are razor burns, bumps, rashes, blisters, ingrown hair, and skin discoloration.

An electric shaver and trimmer is also an option for men who do not like to manually shave using a razor. The electric shaver is easier to use and may reduce cuts, nicks, and ingrown hairs.

Tweezing the hair out is another popular method for removing cheek hair. This is the most inexpensive method of hair removal,  and has the advantage of giving you control over individual hairs. However, the process can be quite painful and may leave the skin inflamed after plucking the hairs out. Furthermore, some hairs may grow in clumps and share the same follicle or may even grow in opposite directions, making them hair appear thicker. You would need to tweeze the area once or twice a week depending on how quickly the hair grows.  Be aware that tweezing may also lead to ingrown hairs and scarring, so it is best left to a professional to do.

Threading is another way to remove cheek hair. As the name implies, the procedure is done with the help of a thread where the hair is pulled out by a criss-cross movement to cut the hair. This removes the entire hair follicle without disturbing the skin but most men find this method quite painful. This method is best left to professionals. Threading may leave the pores open so it is best to use a light nourishing moisturiser after the procedure.

Waxing provides long-lasting results but requires a bit of preparation. Waxing uproots the hair and the effects can last for about two or more weeks. On the downside, waxing can be painful for some men especially those with sensitive skin or those who use retinoids. Other find that waxing can be harsh on facial skin and for this reason do exercise caution.

Using depilatory creams is a painless option for cheek hair removal but there are not many depilatory products made specifically for men’s facial hair. A thin layer is applied onto the face to dissolve hair at the surface. After ten minutes, dissolved hair can be wiped away. You can enjoy smooth skin for up to three days. Select a depilatory cream that is specifically formulated for the face, as facial skin is more sensitive than body skin. Before using the cream on your cheek, test it out on a patch of arm hair. Note, some depilatory creams may not be strong enough to remove coarse facial hairs, so you may be left with patchy results!

Laser hair removal is an innovative way to eliminate unwanted hair safely.  It can be performed on almost any area of the body, even on small areas such as the upper lip, underarms, chin, neck, and cheeks.  Compared to other hair removal methods, laser hair removal offers longer lasting results. Ensure you have your laser treatment carried out with a reputable laser technician or nurse. An experienced technician will be able to assess your suitability and how long results are likely to take. Laser machines do vary with IPL being the cheaper and less effective machine. If you really want to see permanent results then you are best paying for diode laser services. With a diode laser, the results can be permanent, and when performed by an experienced and insured professional there should be no scarring, minimal discomfort and great results. While laser hair removal sessions can be expensive they are worth it if you finally want to be rid of facial hairs.

We offer men’s hair removal using our state-of-the-art Soprano Titanium laser system.


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