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November 19

Regrowing Eyebrow Hair After a Laser Treatment

Laser technology, while designed to target pigments, may not distinguish between tattoo ink and natural pigments in hair. This can result in the laser affecting hair during tattoo removal, especially if the eyebrow tattoo is darker than the natural hair color.

Though rare, there is a slight risk of permanent hair loss. Some may experience temporary hair thinning or loss, particularly if the laser has a more extensive impact on hair follicles.

For those facing post-eyebrow tattoo removal hair challenges, we’ve curated a guide featuring two exceptional products:

Nisim Stimulating Extract: Why it’s a Must-Have:

  • Nisim’s Stimulating Extract is formulated with herbal ingredients known for their hair-stimulating properties, promoting growth and thickness.
  • The extract helps counteract the potential impact of laser energy on hair follicles, aiding in the restoration of eyebrow hair.
  • Its gentle yet effective nature makes it suitable for post-treatment care.

CRISAN Extreme Brow Strength: Why it’s a Game-Changer:

  • Rich in protein packed with omega fatty acids, specifically oleic and linoleic acids.
  • the oil helps prevent breakage and supports the overall health of your eyebrows by maintaining its proper moisture levels.
  • The lightweight formula ensures easy absorption, leaving your brows stay healthy, revitalized, and full.

CRISAN Extreme Brow Strength and Nisim Stimulating Extract stand out as powerful solutions for individuals navigating post-eyebrow tattoo removal hair concerns. By incorporating these targeted products into your daily care routine, you can nurture your brows back to health, enjoying the beauty of naturally revitalized eyebrows.


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