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January 5

Reasons we may Regret Getting a Tattoo

Are you annoyed with your tattoo? There are lots of reported cases in the world today that were associated with tattoo removal. This may be primarily because of the following reasons:

Tattoo done in an uncertified studio / shop – for many who had their tattoo done for a very cheap price, the outcome often ends up having it removed because they were not satisfied with the result.

Choosing the wrong design – those who went through the tattoo process impulsively often end up having their tattoo erased. Make sure you know what design you want and if you’re really ready for it.

Being in the wrong frame of mind- don’t get a tattoo when you are drunk.

Don’t have a lover’s name or image tattooed on your body unless it’s your spouse or lifelong partner. Even then…..

Do not test tattoo – your body is not a canvas that you can just vandalise at anytime and when you are tired of the design you will have it erased. Tattoos are permanent print; it’s more expensive to have it erased. So before you start with it makes sure your mind is made up.

Hard to find jobs – many companies still do not hire people with visible tattoos even though they are qualified. We definitely do not agree, but most of the time having a visible tattoo is not acceptable in the traditional corporate world.

There is a chance of having transmittable diseases-you are in the higher risk of having transmittable diseases when you are engage in body art. Most of the time people get HIV, Hepatitis and other disease through tattooing, especially when it is done by underground tattoo artist. The needle they may be using is contaminated and not disposable.

Infection through unsterilized needles and tools.

Allergies and blood disease can also be the worst thing that can happen to you.

Although there are lots of mistakes ever listed in the history to warn those that are planning to have a tattoo. There are still numerous people that were engage in tattooing their body. They do not fear of the consequences it will bring them. Reminders are there to aid people of the outcome that may happen to them.

There are hundred and one ways to convince people to avoid having tattoos; there are also thousands of ways that convinces them to push through. Having a tattoo is a big responsibility not just to the society you belong but more so to yourself. You are responsible in taking care of yourself; no one else will care for your body aside from you. You wouldn’t want to have an ink on your body with unwanted use so before you finally engage in tattoos, you should think carefully. Making decisions should be done with valued reasons, having tattoos can be an important decision you have to face in some point of your life. But for sure, its result will make you benefit not just today but for life. Do not be an impulsive shopper. It might not do you good at times. Though attracting design can be encouraging, you still have to think of your tomorrow not just today

After spending some quality moments knowing the must-knows about tattoo, having one makes it more meaningful and personal. Take time to decide before getting one or you may regret it in the long run. If your tattoo turns out to be your regret, then contact us to learn how we can help fade your tattoo. LaserYou, Burnham, Slough


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