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November 8

Ready to Break Free from the Cycle of Ingrown Hairs? Aerolase to the Rescue! 

With Aerolase, you can escape the cycle of ingrown hairs, which can impact anyone and be a common concern for those desiring smooth, hair-free skin, causing discomfort, redness, and sometimes scarring.

Aerolase employs advanced laser technology that precisely targets ingrown hairs without affecting the surrounding skin. This innovative approach not only prevents ingrown hairs by focusing on the follicles but also aids in releasing trapped hairs and reducing inflammation. This treatment is compatible with all skin types, and it’s recognized for its speed and nearly painless process.

You can observe visible improvements after only a few sessions, free from the discomfort often linked to traditional methods of ingrown hair removal.

Rather than temporary fixes, Aerolase ensures enduring results by preventing the reappearance of ingrown hairs, allowing you to relish in long-term, blemish-free skin.


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We specialise in PicoSure laser tattoo removal, Soprano Titanium ICE multi-wave length laser hair removal, Plasma Pen skin rejuvenation and advanced skincare treatments. Located in Burnham, Slough near Windsor, Maidenhead & Heathrow Airport.