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Not all laser machines are created equal and it's crucial you do your own research and make sure your selected laser clinic is using the best possible equipment. Sadly, there are a great many low cost laser machines on the market. They require you to have 10-20 treatments spread 6-8 weeks apart. It can literally take years to remove your tattoo! Many only work on black or dark coloured tattoos. This is NOT the case with our state-of-the-art PicoSure laser machine. It uses picosecond (trillionth of a second) bursts of laser light to break down pigment (except white) without damaging surrounding skin tissue. Generally, you require less than half the number of treatments with a PicoSure laser.

More importantly, make sure you choose a highly experienced laser practitioner. All our treatments are carried out by fully insured Medical Professionals.

View informative videos about the PicoSure laser machine on YouTube

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