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Nipple Hair In Men


Nipple Hair in Men

Chest hair develops during the late stages of puberty and growth continues subsequently. Some men are very hairy, while others may not have chest hair at all. The pattern of growth also differs with each individual. Hair usually grows at the centre and sides of the chest, below the collarbone, and sometimes may grow at the periareolar area, which is simply called nipple hair.

How do you remove nipple hair?

While some hairy areas of the body can easily be dealt with by shaving, this may not be true for the nipple area. Plucking the hair out may also seem to be the simplest way to remove nipple hair, but this can lead to ingrown hairs– these are hairs that have curled back round and re-entered the skin, resulting in painful, inflamed skin with tiny bumps.

Since the nipple region is quite sensitive, hair removal methods need to be gentler. For nipple hair removal, professional laser is still the best way to go. With laser a highly concentrated light is beamed into a hair follicle. The concentrated heat damages the hair follicle to inhibit future hair growth in the area, making the results permanent.

Laser hair removal is a much safer alternative to home treatments like waxing, tweezing or shaving, since it can be directed at the hairs without damaging the surrounding area. Results are long-term, with some people seeing noticeably lesser hair with each session, and others having permanent hair loss. Another plus with laser hair removal is the speed of the procedure. The laser can target an area about an inch in diameter, treating several hairs every second.

Among the five main types of hair removal machines, the diode laser is proven to be the most effective. It can cover a larger area and has a fast repetition rate. Compared to other laser systems, the diode laser is made up of diodes or semiconductors. These are then put together to form the light source of the laser. Based on safety and efficiency, the diode laser is the best to use for nipple hair removal as it can be used even on darker skin and on coarse hair such as that found on the chest area.


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