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April 22

Lasergen Skincare Available @ LaserYou

The best version of your skin with the ultimate regenerator. The first cream to improve hyperpigmentation and post inflammation after laser treatments on the face. We highly recommend using this after PicoSure Facial Rejuvenation treatments at LaserYou

Why Lasergen.

The signs of aging that you see on your face are caused by a complex natural process and conventional cosmetics are not enough to reverse it.

Endor Technologies, the Spanish developers of Lasergen are dedicated to biomedical research and have the science to make you love how you see yourself every day.  That is the science that you will find in Lasergen.

What are you going to notice.

What clinical studies have measured (their studies are with measurements, not surveys) is that Lasergen exceeds 50% skin regeneration, reduces wrinkles, blemishes and redness in a matter of weeks, and increases volume and firmness.

What you will notice is a soft, smooth, uniform, turgid, firm and hydrated skin. 

A perfect skin to go out and enjoy today.

How to use it.

 Its texture is light, non-greasy and with a nutritional point. It is absorbed very quickly, does not leave shine and maintains a soft and comfortable external nutrition.

Use it when you see signs of aging that are increasingly marked despite  using anti-aging creams. You notice dull skin. You want to prevent and delay the appearance of the signs of aging on your face. Notes lack of firmness. Your skin feels dry or flaky.You have dry, combination or normal skin. Does not leave shine. It is not suitable for very oily skin. Suitable for sensitive or reactive skin.


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