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March 3

Laser Tattoo Removal and Treating Tanned Skin

Lasers targets colours so it is important that the laser can distinguish between your natural skin colour and tattoo ink.

If you have tanned or sun exposed skin in the tattooed area in the 4 weeks prior to your appointment, you are at risk of side effects from the laser.

For this reason we cannot treat ANY sun exposed skin/tanned laser if your skin has been exposed (of any kind) to the sun / sunbeds or fake tan in the last four weeks. If treated the side effects could be:

• Severe blistering- which could result in an infection

• Permanent scarring

• Broken Skin

• Hypo-pigmentation (loss of natural skin colour)

• Hyper-pigmentation (darkening of natural skin colour)

• Hindered results in removal – resulting in more treatments needed

How can you tell if your skin is tanned:

To clarify: your skin is considered tanned if there has been a change in your NATURAL skin colour. Even if you are of Asian Indian or “olive ” skin, you need to follow the above rule. If you have tanned, we recommend you wait at least four weeks before booking your appointment for laser tattoo removal. You can avoid tanning by covering up your tattoo and applying sun block.

While there is often a rush to progress with laser tattoo removal appointments, your safety should always be paramount. If in doubt, always consult your trusted laser therapist or seek professional advice. Book your free consultation at LaserYou, Burnham Tel: 01628 663075


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