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February 10

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

In short, you can certainly feel some form of discomfort during the laser tattoo removal process. This is because the laser is a high energy device which is working to break down the tattoo ink.

Some people liken the treatment to having hot elastic bands flicked onto your skin in rapid succession. However, that should not put you off! We have treated tattoos of all sizes and locations at LaserYou. Some clients find the discomfort acceptable, while others will feel it more. Consider that certain areas will be more painful than others. For example an ankle tattoo where there is a bone or a back tattoo will most likely be more painful than say and arm tattoo. There are a number of things you can do to help minimise the pain.

  1. Ensure your clinic is using a Cyrogenic cooler. This blasts ice cold air onto the skin at the same time that the laser is being used. This will help minimise the discomfort.
  2. In limited cases a numbing cream like Emla might be an option. However this must be approved and administered by the laser therapist so that they can monitor the pain threshold
  3. Prepare yourself. At your first appointment you will have had a patch test. If you have felt pain or discomfort you can mentally prepare yourself and perhaps even put on some headphones to help distract you.
  4. Ask for breaks if need be; Tattoo removal is a very quick procedure however if you have a large tattoo you can certainly ask for breaks

Laser treatment for tattoo removal has come along way. machines like the PicoSure laser are more advanced so They offer the best technology for tattoo removal. Unlike getting a tattoo, the laser will work very quickly on the skin so the upside is the treatment will be very quick.


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