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October 3

Are Piercing Guns Bad?

The Inverness Ear Piercing Instrument is a Medical grade, hand-pressured device which provides a smooth, quiet ear piercing. It is designed for use with our easy-loading sterile cartridges. The instrument itself never touches the ear. Only the sterile cartridge touches the ear and is ejected upon completion of the ear piercing.

If you have been told by consumers and retailers it is not safe, I believe they have put our
piercing instrument into the same category as a piercing GUN.  I can confirm our system is
nothing like a gun.
Guns shoot a blunt, thick piercing stud through the ear using a spring/ trigger action. This is
where it can damage/shatter the cartilage and cause discomfort to the lobe, therefore in
many areas across the world guns have been banned from piercing.
Our Inverness Piercing Instrument is a Medical Grade 1 device which pierces the ear with a
surgical honed piercing point, this allows the piercing to be very similar to a needle piercing
and very safe. It will not shatter the cartilage and cause damage to the ear.

photo credit – inverness piercing


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