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August 23

I want the cheapest tattoo removal

Whatever service you are looking for it makes sense to shop around. So you may be looking for a roofer, plumber, mechanic. Why not call around and get some quotes? What is important to remember is to get a like-for-like quote.

How does this work for tattoo removal? 

It is true that the lasers used for tattoo removal all work in a similar way. At a very basic level of explanation, the lasers work to break down the tattoo ink and it is then your body that works to eliminate the ink via its own natural processes (sweat, urine). This is a simplistic explanation. It is important to know the wavelength at which the machines work. Ultimately what this means is that some lasers will break down the ink into bigger particles while others like the PicoSure will break down the ink into the finest particles. If the ink is broken down into bigger particles, more treatments are needed. 

In essence you may get a quote for £80 to treat a very small tattoo. Our current minimum price at LaserYou is £65 (which is very competitive for the PicoSure Laser). The reality is that with a non-Pico laser you will require more treatments. That is a simple fact. A Q-switch laser focus will require approximately 25-50% more treatments. The maths is therefore simple. Cheapest does not always work out. You will spend more time and more money if you choose a laser which is not a picosecond laser. 

Consider it by using the analogy of cars. All cars are not the same. They may well get you from A to B but the fuel efficiency, time, comfort and spend varies vastly. A mini will perform the same function as a Ferrari but the journey is quite different. Cheapest is not always the best.


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