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January 10

How to tell if your tattoo is infected and what to do

Blistering and scabbing are normal results after PicoSure Tattoo Removal. 

For patients who have had Picosure Facial treatment redness and odema are the most common reaction. This will usually reduce and normalise in 2hrs – 12hrs.

IMPORTANT:  Although uncommon: adverse and potentially more serious reactions are possible following laser treatment. In addition, if the proper aftercare (below) has not been followed, you may also experience am adverse reaction. If you experience any of the following, please contact us or a medical professional immediately for assessment:

-Change in body temperature

-Change in temperature of the treated area

-Redness of the treated area


-Anything else which is unusual or suspicious 

IF ANY OF THE ABOVE OCCURS, IT IS IMPORTANT YOU CONTACT THE CLINIC OR A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL FOR ASSESSMENT. IN THE EVENT THE AREA BECOMES INFECTED YOU MAY REQUIRE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. PLEASE NOTE, where the reaction is abnormal, you will need to be seen in person at the clinic, or if we are closed by your GP or at the A&E department ( it is not possible to make an assessment simply via photos ).


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