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November 26

How much is the PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

When it comes to tattoo removal, there are many Lasers to choose from. There are basic lasers which can be purchased even from sites like eBay. Those are typically the lasers used by very small operators who will of course charge accordingly for their services. The more advanced laser are Q-Switch lasers which until recently were considered to be the most efficient and effective treatment for laser tattoo removal.

With increased advances in technology, the lasers are always improving. Now there are Pico lasers which for 2021 are the most effective laser for tattoo fading or tattoo removal. Pricing for this Laser should of course understandably be the most expensive. It is laser that requires thousands of pounds in monthly maintenance alone. All operators should be fully trained using this laser. Pricing is normally determined by the size of the tattoo. The smallest tattoo can cost from £65 per treatment. At LaserYou we measure the tattoo length and width. We take into consideration any gaps in the ink. Packages are also available on courses of four or six which present a discount of about 10%. There are also concessions available for military personnel and NHS.


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