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October 20

How embarrassing is it to have your bikini area lasered?

One of the most common areas for laser hair removal on women is the bikini area. With this in mind all therapists for the Soprano Titanium Laser will have been given very specific manufacturers training on how best to use the laser on the bikini area. This is all to ensure that the client is comfortable, not embarrassed and the treatment is successful.

Your first appointment for bikini hair removal will be for a consultation where the therapist will ask you to remove your clothing from the waist down so that they can perform a patch test with the laser machine. This is a small treatment on a very small area which is required for insurance purposes. It is also a chance for you to see and assess how the laser works and feels on you. The patch test also serves to assess any post-treatment reactions (which are extremely rare ).

To prepare for your appointment, you should shave the area the night before your treatment. This is because the laser has to be used on shaved skin. While the therapist can shave the area at the appointment, this would be with a disposable razor so it is not the most comfortable shave. In addition it is best to allow a period of time for the skin to calm down after shaving and then have the area lasered.

At your first treatment following the consultation (minimum of 24 hours lapse) the full area will be treated according to your requirements whether it is a Brazilian, Hollywood or extended bikini area. Only a female therapist will treat a female client. Therapists who have undergone the official Soprano training, have been trained in order to perform the treatment in the most comfortable way simply by best positioning you. You can cover your upper body. You may also feel comfortable bringing your own towel in order to cover yourself . Typically the therapist will laser the entire front section of the bikini area. Once that is done, you lay in a half butterfly position to have the inner leg lasered. Finally, to complete your bikini laser hair removal if you are having Hollywood laser, you will be asked to lay on your front and the final small rear section will be lasered.


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