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July 11

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

The core concept behind Laser Treatment is using high intensity light to target and break down the ink in tattoos. Once broken down, the ink will disperse and your body will naturally process it out.

This process will take course over multiple treatments, with each session being relatively fast. A therapist will use the Laser on the area of skin, gliding over the tattoo with the laser. Immediately after application, the skin will appear paler or ‘frosted’, highlighting the treated areas. After a few days this frosting will fade, and the ink will also appear more faded. 

Treatment requires several sessions depending on a number of factors such as ink density, body placement, and ink colour. You can always book in for a consultation with us to see how many sessions you might need! Not all lasers are the same – Pico laser shatter the ink into the smallest particles and they have the wavelength to treat all colours – so choose the PicoSure for the best chance at total tattoo removal.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact us. We serve all on west London and the South East including Slough, Windsor and Reading. Get to us using the M4 or the new Elizabeth Line


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