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May 20

How can I speed up the Tattoo Removal Process ?

The PicoSure laser works to break down the ink and then it is up to your body to eliminate the ink. This is why it is important for your lymphatic and circulation system to be functioning optimally. Although there haven’t been any comprehensive studies, it is generally accepted that a healthy lifestyle will help with the tattoo removal process (both in terms of healing and fading).

A healthy lifestyle to benefit tattoo removal would include:

  • Regular, moderate exercise (not in the first few days of recovery but post treatment)

A varied and balanced diet

  • Plenty of water 
  • Minimal alcohol 
  • Quitting or at the very least reducing smoking
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Reducing stress 

At LaserYou not recommend specific exercises or foods and supplements as there haven’t  been any studies to support this. However anything from yoga to  healthy diet can help .

It is also thought that massage could be useful in stimulating circulation, particularly if the tattoo is fading slowly or at the end of an extremity. You must wait for the tattoo to be fully healed and you could consider a full body massage rather than just around the tattoo. In the same theory, dry body brushing may also help. The above are just suggestions so please take medical advice if you are uncertain.

Please do consult your doctor if you feel your immune system is not functioning efficiently.


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