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April 23

Healing Benefits of the Leech Therapy

Leech therapy is a natural, non-surgical method of healing that has been used for centuries. It has recently been making a comeback in Western medicine as an alternative to more invasive procedures. Most individuals have turned their hopes towards naturopathic medicine, especially among the growing number of people suffering from ailments.

Leeches suck impure blood from ulcerated areas and improve micro circulation, which in turn facilitates healing. Hirudin and other enzymes present in leech saliva help prevent clots in blood vessels.

The benefits of leech therapy are numerous: they can be used to treat wounds that have not responded adequately to other treatment methods; they can reduce the risk of infection; and they can prevent necrosis (the death of cells or tissue) by removing excess fluid.

Indication for leech Therapy

– Baldness and Hair loss

– Boils

– Sports Injuries

– Skin Diseases

– Migraines / Sciatica / Arthritis

While leech therapy has been used historically to treat a variety of health conditions, it’s important to note that its use may not be appropriate or effective for everyone. It’s always important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before undergoing any medical treatment, including leech therapy.

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