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July 8

From First Ink to Now: The Undeniable Transformation of Tattoo Removal

If you hate your tattoo or it’s faded and no longer looks good, then it’s time to have it removed. Many people decide to remove their tattoos for various reasons—whether it’s because the design no longer resonates, the colours have faded, or they’re simply ready for a change.

From the first session to now, the transformation of the dragon tattoo is truly astounding. Watching the once vibrant purples, oranges, and blues fade away, session by session, is a testament to the effectiveness of our methods and the dedication of our team.

Before and After Tattoo Removal

Every tattoo is unique, and so is every removal process. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and goals. At our clinic, our therapists are highly trained laser specialists, possessing the skills and expertise needed to remove even the most intricate and colourful tattoos.


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We specialise in PicoSure laser tattoo removal, Soprano Titanium ICE multi-wave length laser hair removal, Plasma Pen skin rejuvenation and advanced skincare treatments. Located in Burnham, Slough near Windsor, Maidenhead & Heathrow Airport.