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  1.  Will Laser work for me?upper lip 2
     We use the very best and most effective laser hair removal machine available (the award winning Soprano Titanium Laser) and all treatments are carried out by a highly experienced therapists. This means you will receive the very best treatment and the best chance of achieving permanent hair removal.  Even if you have unsuccessfully tried other laser or IPL treatments, you can still achieve excellent results with our treatment.
  2.  How much does it cost?
    Please refer to our price list. As a new client, you will receive a discount off your first treatment.
  3.  How many treatments will I need?
     At your first consultation, one of our therapists will assess the treatment you require based on your skin condition, medical history and area to be treated. We will then assess the number of treatments you are likely to require.
  4.  Is Laser hair removal safe?
    The safety of our patients is our number one priority.  Prior to starting any treatment we perform a patch test on the area to be treated, e.g. the bikini area for bikini laser or the back area for laser to the back.  The patch test helps to assess how your skin will respond to the laser hair removal treatment
  5.  Why should I use your Clinic?
    Not many clinics offer (i) Soprano Titanium multi-wavelength laser treatments ( due to the cost of the machine) together with (ii) the treatment carried out by an experienced therapist. It is very important the person carrying out the treatment really understands your skin, your needs and how the laser will work on you. If you truly want to achieve the best results without wasting time and money, these 2 factors are critical.
  6.  What Laser machine do you use?
    We use the gold standard in laser hair removal – the award winning Soprano Titanium. This machine is used in many top London clinics.
  7.  Can you treat Asian or Dark Skin?
    Yes – During your consultation, one of our therapists will examine and make an assessment of both your skin and hair type and perform a patch test. The Soprano Titanium is FDA approved to treat all skin types.
  8.  Can you treat Men?
    Absolutely. Yes, laser hair removal is a very popular procedure with men particularly on the back, shoulders, chest, neck and around the beard area.
  9.  Can the laser be used on my private parts?
    Our therapists are completely comfortable treating sensitive areas. We carry out Brazilian and Hollywood bikini laser hair removal treatments, which include the more intimate and private regions, such as the inner thighs, buttocks, perineal, perianal, labia and surrounding areas.  Clients considering the above should rest assured that they need not feel in any way inhibited when requesting any of these treatments.
  10.  Are the results permanent?
    Laser hair removal treatment is the only method of hair removal that has long lasting results and is clinically proven to remove unwanted hair efficiently, gently and quickly.
  11. I have tried IPL and other Lasers and they have not worked for me – will your laser work on me?
    The Soprano Titanium is a multi-wavelength laser hair removal machine. Energy is delivered to the hair follicle as a direct, concentrated beam with maximum effect. 
    IPL is a form of laser however it delivers energy in a diffuse spray of beams, therefore the energy is less concentrated and effective.  It is also important that you receive laser treatment by a laser nurse practitioner who is fully trained and qualified in laser hair removal. Our treatments are tailored individually to each client taking into account all relevant factors in order to achieve optimum results.