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July 29

Does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

At LaserYou we use the PicoSure laser – the most advanced technology for laser tattoo removal currently. Tattoo removal is normally complete tattoo removal. However, in some limited cases, tattoo removal will not be effective no matter what laser is used.

Unfortunately there are, very rarely, some tattoos that are particularly resistant to laser removal.

This can be due to a combination of factors, including:

Composition of ink – there is no international standard regarding ingredients, some tattoo artists may add additional ingredients to their ink to intensify the colour and reduce fading, this can mean those particles are not shattered by laser and therefore will not be removed by the body

Placement on the body –foot and hand, especially finger tattoos are notoriously slow and stubborn

Depth & density of ink – we would still expect to see visible fade after 2-3 sessions even on particularly deep and dense tattoos and cover ups

Skin type- there are limitations on the amount of energy that can be safely used on skin types with more melanin, this is to reduce the risk of hypo-pigmentation

Compromised immune system – some patients are slower to heal and for the immune system to deal with the shattered ink.

Age of the patient – older patients can require longer intervals for healing and fading.

Age of the tattoo – newly placed tattoos are much slower to remove.

These should all be considered during your consultation and discussed with your laser therapist.


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