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July 22

Can the PicoSure laser be used on Raised Tattoos?

A raised tattoo is fairly common – essentially it is where the tattoo does not appear flat but rather it appears inflamed and swollen.  There can be many reasons for a tattoo to be raised including an allergic reaction – this is rare but most common with red inks although they would usually present as consistently itchy as well. Laser tattoo removal will not usually be recommended in these situations and a dermatologist should determine the best course of action including excision.

More commonly raised tattoos are correlated with a heavy-handed application technique associated with scar tissue forming and along with excess volume of ink.

Some tattoos are reported to temporarily raise up and possibly itch in conjunction with exposure to extremes of temperature, dehydration, heightened histamine reactions to hayfever for example, and even sun exposure etc.

Laser tattoo removal with the PicoSure is possible on raised tattoos and it is fine to proceed in treating raised tattoos unless an allergic reaction is suspected, in which case laser tattoo removal is not usually recommended and a dermatologist should determine the best course of action including excision. At LaserYou, our technicians are trained medical professionals. Come and see us at a free consultation so that we may assess your raised tattoo.


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