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October 20

Can I have full body laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be done on almost all face and body areas for men and women. Where you want to have over 70% off your body hairs treated, it is worth going for a full body package. Using the Soprano Titanium laser this is achieved with an appointment of about two hours. The package for full body laser hair removal will cover all areas you want to have treated. Some clients will only choose to have certain areas treated e.g. women’s back, full arms, full legs, Whereas some clients will have other areas treated e.g. full face, bikini area, underarms. It is always best to go with a full body laser hair removal package if you want to have many areas treated. This is the most cost-effective method. Alternatively you would pay for individual body areas which will work out more expensive.

Generally speaking a 2- 2.5 hour appointment is enough to cover the full body laser hair removal. However if you find this appointment is too long, you can always opt to split the appointment into smaller sections. That way the full body will be treated over two appointments for example.


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