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January 17

Can I get laser when i have my period?

While is there is no specific protocol with regards to having laser treatment while someone is on their period, we can advise the following. Due to the area being more sensitive, especially when treating the bikini area, it is best not to have treatment if you are on your period. Bear in mind that you will feel a lot more sensitive especially around the bikini area so while it is possible for the therapist to dial down the treatment setting, you will also lose the efficacy of the treatment or at least compromise it. For that reason it is best to have laser treatment when you are not on your period. This applies specifically to laser hair removal. It can also apply to laser tattoo removal if you are having treatment for a tattoo removal especially around that area. Even if you are not being treated in that specific area, it is best to exercise caution and delay your laser treatment. At LaserYou, we offer professional laser services for tattoo removal, hair removal and skin treatments. We offer free consultations Monday to Saturday with either a male or female therapist. Contact us for further details (01628) 663075 . We are located near Slough /Windsor, just off Burnham High Street SL1 7HX


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