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May 10

Best Ways to Get Rid of Unibrow Hair in Men


Best Ways to Get Rid of Unibrow Hair in Menunibrow1

Eyebrows that connect in the middle, also known as unibrows, are just one of those features men do not want to have! This seemingly single eyebrow is formed when the edge of the two eyebrows meet above the bridge of the nose.  Although it is said that the unibrow has been prized by ancient cultures throughout history, most people nowadays find that unibrows are not very attractive on men. With the current trend in male grooming and with celebrities like David Beckham sporting perfectly shaped brows, more and more men are making an effort to keep their brows in place!

Getting rid of the unwanted unibrow hair can be tricky, as one may accidentally remove the brows as well, which could look rather strange! The method you choose will depend on the thickness of the hair, the time you have to maintain your brows, and the treatment you can afford or are willing to spend on.

One way of removing the unibrow is by plucking. Simply use your trusted tweezers (ideally a good brand like Tweezerman) to pull each unwanted hair by the root. This is a very effective way to get rid of the unibrow as one has full control of the specific hairs to take out. Although quite painful, it will keep your brow shape for at least a few weeks.

Alternatively, eyebrows can be threaded at a clinic, salon, or spa. Threading is an old method that uses cotton thread to remove unwanted hair by pulling the hair from the follicle (best left to an expert). Hair regrowth becomes more sparse and finer after regular threading.  Threading is probably just as painful as threading and you really should only have threading done by an experienced person.

If you would rather not pluck or thread your  unibrow, then you can als o consider for waxing. This is best done professionally. While waxing at home will definitely be less expensive than a salon or spa, removing a unibrow by waxing is a rather tricky procedure as one may accidentally remove the edge of the brows or remove too much. The downside is that after waxing, hairs may grow back about a couple of weeks later, requiring a repeat of the process.

For those who are not willing to spend much time on grooming those stray hairs, the method that gives the longest lasting results is laser hair removal. This method is best carried out by a professional at a clinic or spa. The laser focuses light into a narrow beam. This light penetrates the skin to disable the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding structures. Laser is meant to be a permanent solution and ultimately if you want to get rid of your unibrow, laser will save you time, money and convenience in the long run.


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