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August 12

Are Ear Piercing Guns Safe?

We are proud to offer Inverness ear piercing system that uses a hand pressured instrument and earrings as sharp as a needle with a surgical honed point. Our piercing system is nothing like a gun. 

Guns shoot a blunt, thick piercing stud through the ear using a spring/ trigger action. This is where it can damage / shatter the cartilage and cause discomfort to the lobe, therefore in many areas across the world guns have been banned from piercing. 

Our Inverness Piercing Instrument is a Medical Grade 1 device which pierces the ear with a surgical honed piercing point, this allows the piercing to be very similar to a needle piercing and very safe. It will not shatter the cartilage and cause damage to the ear.

The hand pressured instrument is disposable so 100% sterile. You can choose a range of earrings from:-

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • 9ct Solid Gold 
  • 24ct Gold Plated

All of our piercing earrings are hypoallergenic and made with ultra-thin piercing posts & a finely-honed tip for the gentlest piercing possible. 

Why do you use the word “instrument”? Isn’t it a piercing “gun”? 

No. In fact, we cringe when people call our piercing instrument a gun. Unlike our specially engineered, hand-pressured instrument, piercing guns are spring-loaded and LOUD. Piercing guns “shoot” the piercing earring through the lobe. Our human-powered instrument is designed to pierce the ear quickly and accurately in one smooth, quiet, hand-pressured motion.


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