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January 31

Customising Treatments for Psoriasis

To tackle the inflammation caused by psoriasis we are now customising treatments using both Aerolase Neo and also the Celluma LED. The Celluma’s Red light therapy is proven to provide the energy that cells need to increase ATP production and get back to work. This increase in cellular energy along with an increase in micro circulation and a decrease localised inflammation

Aerolase is Not Your Typical Psoriasis Laser Treatment

Lasers have been used for years as a treatment modality for psoriasis. But the Neo Elite is different. In psoriasis, the skin thickens with plaque as inflammation m speeds up cell growth. Dermal vessels also become inflamed and widen. The laser energy deeply penetrates through the plaque to suppress inflammation and clear the microvasculature network, aiding plaque growth to quickly help skin return to normal..

Compared with pulsed dye lasers, the Neo Elite’s energy travels much deeper into the skin tissue — suppressing inflammation and coagulating feeder vessels.

Gentler on the skin with less risk of bruising.

No psoralens, so less risk of complications with patient exposure to treatment UVA and sunlight.

  • Shown to be as effective as excimer lasers.


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